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Jafaea Patterson is a celebrated beauty expert and visionary entrepreneur based in Jacksonville, FL. As the founder of I Am Jafaea, she specializes in pioneering hair care solutions, wellness, and empowering women through fashion and beauty. With a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Jafaea is a former advisor and licensed cosmetologist from Paul Mitchell the School of Jacksonville. 

Her accolades include being named Makeup Artist of the Year by ACHI Magazine in 2018 and receiving nominations for Educator and Hairstylist of the year in 2019. Jafaea’s mission is to empower business-minded women by blending innovative beauty techniques with health-conscious living, promoting a culture of happiness that resonates with the inner strength of every woman. Her vision is to lead a global community in embracing natural beauty, achieving wellness, and experiencing joy in self-expression, thus inspiring a wave of empowerment and positive change in the beauty and professional worlds.


At 'I Am Jafaea,' our mission is to empower business-minded women by providing innovative hair care solutions, advocating for holistic wellness, and fostering a culture of happiness. We are dedicated to supporting our community in achieving their beauty and wellness goals, while promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle that reflects the inner strength and beauty of every woman.

Our vision is to become the leading platform for business-minded women seeking to harmonize their professional ambitions with personal well-being. We aim to inspire a global community of women to embrace their natural beauty, prioritize their health, and find joy in their unique journey, creating a ripple effect of empowerment and positive change in both the beauty industry and the professional world."

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